Shawn Hebrank - Tribal Rites Tattoo in Fort Collins, Colorado
Moving to Colorado, 2014.
I'm excited to move to Fort Collins, Colorado to work at Tribal Rites with the very talented crew there starting January, 2014.
Until then, I'll be spending most of my time in Minneapolis, with small trips to Calgary and Colorado in October and November, respectively.
Thanks to everyone in Minnesota for all of your support, including both of my MN tattoo homes, Twilight Tattoo and Identity Tattoo, and all of my clients.
New Year!
Happy New Year, everyone.

I had a really rewarding 2012;
thanks to all the shops that hosted me,
conventions that let me have a booth,
and clients that got tattooed by me.

I expect 2013 to be as just as productive.
January 11-13th I'll be at the Minneapolis Tattoo Convention,
and staying close to home till April when I do the Hell City convention.

Also, the clothing line I co-founded, pomme de terre,
is changing a great deal, and will now be under the name Juniper.
A link to all of that is at the far right of the menu bar.

My blog is updated a few times a week,
and you can find that up on the menu bar as well.

Thanks for interest.
After over 5 years of working at Identity Tattoo,
I've finally moved shops,
and I'm now working at Twilight Tattoo in Minneapolis.
It's a great shop with talented artists,
and only a few blocks from home.
It's also easier to get to for everyone else,
whether you're driving, riding a bicycle,
or taking public transportation.

A big thank you to Todd and everyone at Identity.
They will always have a special place in my heart,
and I left on the best of terms.

I'm still traveling a lot coming up,
and here's all the info for that:

Paradise Tattoo Gathering
September 13th-16th
Keystone, CO

Evian Tattoo Convention
October 19-21rst
Evian, France

Scapegoat Tattoo
November 2-4
Portland, OR

Off the Map Tattoo NW
November 6th-8th
Grants Pass, OR

Thanks, as always, for the interest.
Winter Plans
It's December, and I have big plans.
I'll be in Minnesota till the holidays,
then off to Grants Pass, Oregon for three months.
January 15th - April 15th you'll be able to find me at Gogue Art,
which is Jeff Gogue's tattoo shop and gallery.
I'm super excited to be able to , and humbled.

After Oregon, I'll be returning to Minneapolis.
I don't know when I'll be booking tattoo for when I return,
maybe in March via email.
I'll keep you posted.

If you'd like to get tattooed by me in Oregon,
please email me.
As always, thank you for your interest.

I'm back from my 2nd guest spot at Jeff Gogue's shop,
and feeling more inspired than ever.
All week, clients have been coming in with ideas
for some seriously large pieces,
and I'm really excited about it all.
I'll be here in Minnesota the rest of the summer,
and then doing a decent amount of traveling come fall and winter.
I'll keep you posted.
Summer's here!
(kinda. in MN, the seasons are pretty loose)

Meryl and I spent a few weeks out East visiting friends and family,
and celebrating our five year wedding anniversary,
and we had a really great time.

I'm back in Minneapolis for two weeks,
then June 21rst-24th I'll be doing another guest spot at GogueArt
with Jeff Gogue and friends.
Two coasts in one month!

I'll be in MN the rest of the summer till late August,
when I'll be doing a weekend trip to CO for a wedding.
If you want an appointment,
let me know by email or by calling Identity Tattoo.
Thanks for your interest and patience.
This year is going by so quickly, already.

In February I guest spotted at Gogue Art,
Jeff Gogue's tattoo shop/gallery in Grants Pass, OR.
It was such an amazing opportunity,
and I'm grateful to Jeff for all of his generosity and hospitality.
(and also to Off the Map Tattoo's Mary Bowen for the introduction!)

March 11th and 12th was the NeverQuietNeverSoft art show
that Albie Rock and I (and a few of our amazing friends) put on here in MPLS at Cult Status Gallery.
It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun,
and we had a super successful show.
Thanks to everyone who came out, helped out,
bought some art, or helped us promote.

It's about to be Spring,
and that's the best news I've heard in a long time.
Thanks for your interest.
A Whole 'nother New Year
Happy New Year, everyone.
Year of the Rabbit.
I love the Chinese Zodiac for having animals represent the years,
and the human characteristics associated with each animal.
This Rabbit and I don't seem to share a lot of personality traits,
but I'll do my best to get along.
It's going to be a big year.
Meryl and I kicked off 2011 in Providence, RI,
and then I immediately started a guest spot in MA at Off the Map Tattoo.
I had an awesome time there,
and also at my host place Maynard House.

Next up is my trip out West to Grant's Pass, OR,
where I'll be humbly working alongside Jeff Gogue for a week.
(I guess this is where the Rabbit comes into play)
I'll be there Feb 14th-19th.
If you'd like to book a spot,
please email me.

I hope you all have a wonderful year.
thanks for the interest.
November went by a little too fast for a post, I guess.
Meryl and I started the month off in New Orleans,
after a super busy three day tattoo convention.
They do Halloween right down there.
Thanks to everyone who showed us around,
got tattooed, bought a print, and hung out.
It seemed before we knew it,
the end of the month was here,
and we were hosting a little Vegan Thanksgiving.
Now it's December,
and the beginning of a super busy winter.
Before the month is up,
we'll be headed east to visit family,
and I'll be starting 2011 at Off the Map in MA.
For current travel dates and stuff,
keep an eye on my blog.
Thanks for the interest.
October 2010
Identity Tattoo had a great showing at the Minneapolis Tattoo Convention,
and we won Tattoo of the Day all three days.
I won it Friday and Sunday,
and Ben won Saturday.
Thanks to all of my awesome clients,
for getting really fun tattoos,
and then entering them into the competitions.
I'll be headed to New Orleans soon,
and doing the tattoo convention down there over Halloween.
I'll be more available in November,
so if you're looking for a fun tattoo,
email me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
xoxo, shawn
September 2010
I'm back from my mini vacation in Peru,
and it's non-stop now till November.
We have weddings to attend,
house guests to entertain,
two tattoo conventions to do,
and autumn to enjoy.

October 8-10th is the Minneapolis Tattoo Convention,
and October 29th-31rst I'll be at the New Orleans one.
Halloween in NOLA? Sounds so good.
I even have a couple spots open for that one.

I also have spots open in September and October
here at Identity Tattoo, stop by or email,
and we can figure it out.
Thanks for your interest.
July 2010
The East Coast trip was really fun and successful, if not a little too busy.
Thanks to everyone at Off the Map Tattoo for their hospitality,
and to everyone who came and got tattooed by me.

I'm back in town for the rest of the summer,
and taking appointments for all the awesome ideas you have.
And if you don't have any ideas, even better.
I have a pile of drawings that are begging to be picked.
Don't forget to use sunscreen on those tattoos, kids.
Thanks for the interest.
June 2010
Meryl and I head to the East Coast for the second half of June.
We'll be visiting friends and family,
and I'll be tattooing at Off the Map Tattoo in MA
from the 21rst to the 26th.
I will probably be unable to return emails while on the trip,
but I will certainly get back to everyone as soon as possible starting July 1rst.
Updates of my travels and tattooing will be on my blog and twitter.
I added a few new tattoos to the portfolio.
Thanks for your interest,
and enjoy your summer.
April 2010
I turned 29 yesterday.
Of course, I still went to work.
I even got to do a really fun birdhouse tattoo
that I'm adding to the portfolio section now.

The Philly Tattoo Convention went super well.
Thanks to a Laura Usowski for sharing a booth,
and for everyone who came out, said hello,
and brought me vegan treats.

Meryl and I head east next in June,
for a wedding, some family time,
and another guest spot at Off the Map Tattoo
in Northampton MA.

I've been super busy, which is awesome,
but I'm having lots of trouble keeping up,
even working nights, and weekends.
I am starting to be slightly more selective
on the tattoos I do, and styles I tattoo in.

Thanks for all the interest,
and don't take Spring for granted.
Some of us had a really long winter....

The Newness for 2010
I'm proud to be launching this new website, finally.

I've wanted/needed a new site for a few years now,
but it was hard letting go of the old one.
When 2010 arrived, I realized it was time.
This one might not be as Google-friendly,
but it's a grown up looking site,
and a huge step in the right direction.

Thanks for your interest,
and let me know what you think.